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Excellent customer service

I purchased the UpBucket in May 2023. A few weeks ago, a part broke, leaving the product difficult to use. I made the company aware of the defective part. This week I received a completely new UpBucket to replace the broken one. Thank you! Your product is stellar, and your customer service is even more impressive. I cannot say enough good things about how you handled this situation. I appreciate your help so much!

Love it

Works just like advertised


Will you please contact me concerning upbucket

Great tool for baseball training. Easy ball pickup, storage, and transport. The bucket lift height is my favorite.

Great Product!

Ingenious idea!!! Love the upbucket!! Easy to use! Easy to bring along!! Saves your back during BP!!

Great ball Retrovir

Works great for softball team, ordered 2 more.

Great Product!

Bought as a gift for my husband/coach! Him and his assistant love it for their LL team! Def saves their backs!

Great product

Works as advertised. I would buy from again. Thanks

We have 10

We have 10 of these buckets. Some outside and some inside. Makes practice more productive

Saves time and effort!

We pick up hundreds of baseballs at batting practice, so I was thinking wouldn't it be great if there were some sort of device to pick up baseballs. I decided to search and there it was, the Up Bucket! This works great! Baseballs fit quickly and easily into the bottom of the bucket. Then it can easily be dumped into the ball container. Love it, definitely recommend!


Bought for my husbands Little League team. It worked perfectly and saved their backs from leaning over in all sorts of drills!

Softball dad

Once I learned it I love it. We use 12" softballs. A touch harder to pickup. How ever still way better than picking them up by bending over. Plus we are in tall grass with allot of un even ground. Makes the job allot faster as well. Using baseballs or tennis balls. Makes the job a breeze. I will be spreading the word to others for sure. Would definitely buy again. One more thing. These people are very friendly. I am a dyi guy. I could make this. How ever!!!! By the time I figured up the cost of everything and my time. It wasn't cost effective to do it my self. Plus the handle is a unique design. If I would have built it. It would have pissed me off. Go ahead and just buy it from these nice people!!!!!

Great !!!!!

I bought UpBucket for our over 55 slowpitch softball teams. This product saves us from bending down so much . !!!!!.

Awesome product

As a fat man the combo is amazing. This has been a game changer. My back says thank you.


I use the bucket everyday either off tee or throwing batting practice and it definitely saves on the back great product

Different Wheels

Great bucket
Just need to upgrade the wheels

Back Saver

Absolutely 💯 love my bucket! It literally took away the pain in my back from picking up baseballs n softballs on a daily basis! Highly recommend!


My lil one loves to hit a lot off the tee or in the cage picking up 60 balls is not an easy task the up bucket does it all for you it’s a back saver

Rolling Strong

I bought the Upbucket for my son. He is thrilled with it! It's strong, sturdy, and keeps on going strong after many uses!

Awesome product

Bought for my husband to help coach my daughter. Much easier on the back and very efficient as far as quick and easy pick up. Definitely recommend.

Awesome bucket

Great product, but need better wheels that can stand the field dirt

Bucket of balls

Great equipment.

Great product!

Looked like a good idea.
But instead it was a great idea!