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Based on 19 reviews
The best!!

This bucket is amazing!! So much easier to pick up balls after BP and my back is seriously thankful as well. Other folks have inquired to my son and I when they see us using the bucket to grab baseballs and they already have bought a few as well and love them! These are a no brainer buy 100%!

Thumbs Up for Up Bucket

Baseball just got easier with Up Bucket. My grandson and his Papa have it a lot easier with Up Bucket! The company is great and so is their customer service! The product is definitely worth it!

Every coach should have one‼️

This is a great product that makes ball recovery much easier‼️ You just don’t realize how much this helps out until you have used it just 1 time👍🏼 Best eq you can own as a coach or avid baseball parent👍🏼 Don’t wait any longer‼️ Get your Up Bucket asap👍🏼👍🏼

Looks great

As I purchased this for a Christmas gift for my brother, it hasn’t been used it. I did take it out of the box and it looks great! I know he’s going to love it when he uses it the cage with my nephews!

Time Saver/Back Saver

I've been Coaching softball and doing hitting lessons for over 20 years. I've seen a lot of products come down the pike. This product by far is the best I've seen in a long, long time. I've gotten a bit older and a bit heavier. Not having to bend over and pick up every ball is a huge back and time saver. I can't believe it's so inexpensive. Thanks Upbucket!

Quick pick up

The UpBucket is the easiest way to pick up softballs. It is truly a back saver. No more bending over to pick up softballs. Handle is very sturdy when picking up the softballs. I get compliments on the ease and saving your back. It can pick up 28 softballs at a time. Makes quick work when picking up 260 softballs. Highly recommend getting a UpBucket.

Great piece of equipment!

Makes it easy to roll balls out to the batting cages Ans height adjustment eliminates reaching down for every ball

Back saver

Us for softballs, works great, and easy to use.

Awesome Product

A great product that saves your back when running a practice.

Great product for baseball coaches

Have several, great products!


Great idea…some all terrain wheels would work better… handle and upright under bucket are flimsy…

Ingenious Idea

The concept is simple but affective. I ordered both the Up Bucket and and the Pick Up Bucket. They both work very good. The only thing I see is the quality of the UP Bucket is sorta cheap plastic and the wheels will not be able to withstand to much wear and tare. That remains to be seen. I wish it had better wheels because I will be pulling it through rougher terrain. But, overall, I’m happy with it.
The Pick Up Bucket is awesome and I have nothing negative to say about it.

Money well spent

We purchased the UpBucket combo and we couldn't be happier. The elimination of having to bend over to pick up 5 dozen baseballs multiple times per practice has been outstanding. The players love using the Pick-up bucket which again saves us time and energy. I highly recommend this for any coach!

Great tool for my team

Great product! My team loves using both buckets. So simple to use.


Overall excellent item. I would like to see more sturdy tubing and possibly wheels more capable in grass or non cement areas.

Saved my back

It’s everything I expected it to be. Works great. Sometimes getting it to lock at the top is difficult. Also collapsing the handle son the pick up bucket is difficult.

Very nice product

The concept is good. The bucket is obviously a little heavier than the normal plastic bucket both empty and full of balls. The metal handle is very tricky to get down once it is put up.

Good idea, poor quality plastic bucket‼️

The Pick-up bucket split up the side about 2-inches at the bottom within 2 months. I couldn’t find my receipt so I never contacted you guys about it. Would be nice if you would replace it. Better wheels, maybe rubber ones, like the ones on the No Errors catchers gear bag, would be better ⬇️. Other than that, it’s a 5-star item👍🏼

Decent for the money

Would love to see better wheels on bucket. Maybe rubber. Cheap plastic wheels didn’t last long. Everything else is great! Great product! As a certified trainer definitely helps with my back .