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Based on 47 reviews

I use the bucket everyday either off tee or throwing batting practice and it definitely saves on the back great product

Different Wheels

Great bucket
Just need to upgrade the wheels

Back Saver

Absolutely 💯 love my bucket! It literally took away the pain in my back from picking up baseballs n softballs on a daily basis! Highly recommend!


My lil one loves to hit a lot off the tee or in the cage picking up 60 balls is not an easy task the up bucket does it all for you it’s a back saver

Rolling Strong

I bought the Upbucket for my son. He is thrilled with it! It's strong, sturdy, and keeps on going strong after many uses!

Awesome product

Bought for my husband to help coach my daughter. Much easier on the back and very efficient as far as quick and easy pick up. Definitely recommend.

Awesome bucket

Great product, but need better wheels that can stand the field dirt

Bucket of balls

Great equipment.

Great product!

Looked like a good idea.
But instead it was a great idea!

Love this product

Upbucket is an awesome product for us older dudes who train or train others. Keeps my back from hurting every time i have to pick up a ball. Very convenient and easy to put away…

Best bucket purchase ever!

I was leary on this purchase as I thought a bucket was a bucket. That is not the case with this setup! First time using it in our cage was an eye opener as I didn't have to bend over while shagging after my high schooler hit a bucket of balls. Paid for itself at that moment. I highly recommend this whether you have a cage or out on a field. Do it!!

The best

The best purchase we have ever made!! Works amazing!! Love it!!

Up bucket

Great idea. Just needs better wheels and little tougher plastic

I asked about a month ago, If you guys sell used buckets, or how much would you do for multiple buckets. Nobody ever got back to me

Upbucket review

Excellent product. Works well even with 12 inch softballs.

Love the Buckets

We bought 4 buckets for the program and our coaches love them. Much cheaper than regular basket holders and very durable. Highly recommend them.

We’ve bought several!

We love this bucket and the concept it represents. The only improvement I would suggest is the amount of noise it makes. Maybe consider using skate board wheels? Please hit me up so you can send me royalties!

The best!!

This bucket is amazing!! So much easier to pick up balls after BP and my back is seriously thankful as well. Other folks have inquired to my son and I when they see us using the bucket to grab baseballs and they already have bought a few as well and love them! These are a no brainer buy 100%!

Thumbs Up for Up Bucket

Baseball just got easier with Up Bucket. My grandson and his Papa have it a lot easier with Up Bucket! The company is great and so is their customer service! The product is definitely worth it!

Every coach should have one‼️

This is a great product that makes ball recovery much easier‼️ You just don’t realize how much this helps out until you have used it just 1 time👍🏼 Best eq you can own as a coach or avid baseball parent👍🏼 Don’t wait any longer‼️ Get your Up Bucket asap👍🏼👍🏼

Looks great

As I purchased this for a Christmas gift for my brother, it hasn’t been used it. I did take it out of the box and it looks great! I know he’s going to love it when he uses it the cage with my nephews!

Time Saver/Back Saver

I've been Coaching softball and doing hitting lessons for over 20 years. I've seen a lot of products come down the pike. This product by far is the best I've seen in a long, long time. I've gotten a bit older and a bit heavier. Not having to bend over and pick up every ball is a huge back and time saver. I can't believe it's so inexpensive. Thanks Upbucket!

Quick pick up

The UpBucket is the easiest way to pick up softballs. It is truly a back saver. No more bending over to pick up softballs. Handle is very sturdy when picking up the softballs. I get compliments on the ease and saving your back. It can pick up 28 softballs at a time. Makes quick work when picking up 260 softballs. Highly recommend getting a UpBucket.

Great piece of equipment!

Makes it easy to roll balls out to the batting cages Ans height adjustment eliminates reaching down for every ball